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Ideas For a Power-Free Home


Electricity. It is a term we are all familiar with, that we all see as an imperative need. But what happens when there is a sudden power outage? Or, the energy bill continues to become more of a burden, especially when you are trying to provide a home with more space for your family. Thinking out of the box during these times is crucial, and forcing ourselves to venture away from this common belief that this standard is what we need is merely a false misconception. It can also be tricky for even the savviest and most frugal character, because it is deviating away from the norm. However, while electricity is convenient, it may not be the healthiest, cost effective, efficient, or even the best look for your home, especially when it is time for renovations.

Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended). Here are some very handy tips that should be kept in mind when you or a loved one needs assistance with renovations to their home when there is no power. It will spin your creativity and foresight to a brighter (literally) future.

Use Different Light Sources

Every house encompasses different shades which have the potential to create a unique beauty and transcendent look that will be admired by family and friends. It also helps to save money on electricity to light your home as well as heating costs. Here are ideas to keep in mind while striving to save energy during renovations:

First, be sure to keep the house free of clutter wherever possible so that natural sunlight can radiate its beauty throughout your home. Then, allow the creative and artistic part of yourself shine, and consider using different shades of paint throughout your home. Be sure to compliment the areas which have a lot of natural light with lighter shades of paint as well.

Consider your outdoor surroundings. If there is a lot of green, such as trees, grass, or brush outside of the window, seize the opportunity to use complimentary tones to the natural hue surrounding your home. This doesn’t have to be the same color as grass green, but other shades of green that will compliment it. If there is a wall in the room that does not receive as much light, consider more neutral shades such as greys or tans that compliment your color and nature. Additionally, if there is a flowery garden outside, consider complimenting these colors within the closest areas of the home to the garden as well.

Keep in mind, that more heat is absorbed by darker hues, so be sure you keep other energy savers in mind, such as curtains, rugs, or simply opening the windows, depending on the season and daily energy needs.

Create a Sunroom

If you are looking for a heat source that does not require electricity, and are also looking to make renovations, creating a sunroom may be the most desirable choice for you. While many people erroneously believe that a sunroom must be a pre-determined room that is already labelled as a “sunroom”, this is very untrue, as anyone can create a sunroom, or at least a sunspace where plants can flourish. All you need is either a room with a lot of windows, or a few windows and area which can accommodate plants. While it is easy on the eyes, many people also do not realize the heating cost and energy efficiency that a sunroom and adding plants can be to a home, not to mention the increased oxygen circulation that even just a few plants can provide. Be sure to provide shade to all windows with energy efficient curtains, as well as keeping windows sealed appropriately, which will increase heating capacity in the winter, as well as cooling in the summer.

Get a Generator

Well, this one is a slam dunk. While each energy saving idea for renovations provides its benefits and is fun to think about, purchasing or renting a portable power generator (sometimes called a genset) is going to be your best option when it comes to saving money, and your time! If you are one who desires to save energy, or who wants to be prepared for a dreaded power outage, when push comes to shove, you really need to have a generator handy to meet your overall energy and safety needs. I cannot imagine my life without one. When it comes to harsh winter and summer temperatures, my generator is my best friend who jumps in to save the day, keeping my home lit, as well as preventing the many health complications that arise from unbearable temperatures. Not to mention, I didn’t just lose out on the hundreds of dollars I have recently spent on groceries that would otherwise spoil, because we all know how expensive those are these days! Honestly, the reasons for why it is a good idea to have a generator are endless, and it’s really just about having common sense!

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Ddoor With a New One

garage door design examples

Maintaining your home is very important and one of the key part of your home is your garage. One of the most important decisions that can have significant impact is replacing your old garage door with a new one. It will not only improve your garage looks but will also improve the overall appearance of your house. In this article we are going to focus on benefits of replacing your old garage door with a new one.

It will increase the value of your house

Modern garage doors tend to boost the home’s value due to their overall appearance, increased longevity, greater appeal and function and lessened maintenance. If you are planning to sell your home, replacing your old garage door with a new can be a wise decision that can help to increase the value of your home by up to 10%. Any real state agent will tell you that homes that have new garage doors that are in good shape tend to sell more quicker and at a good price.


A new garage door can significantly improve your homes appearance. Modern garage doors come in unique styles, finishes and colors that can complement the overall appearance of your home. There are plenty of options available that can not only make your garage look good but the overall appearance of your home.

Improved security

Another benefit that you will get when you replace your old garage door with a new one is improved security of things that you normally store in your garage. Nowadays, garage are not only used to park cars but are also used to store other important things such as car spare parts and house hold accessories. Some people also keep their important documents in their garage.  According to the Las Vegas garage door service experts at Action Door Services “By replacing your old garage door with a new one, you will not only help to improve the appearance of your house but you will also boost the security of your garage. Unlike older garage doors that are easy for criminals to break in just by drilling because they are made of wood or weak metal that is easy to drill, modern garage doors are metal insulated and are very difficult for criminals to break in. In addition most modern garage doors have in built photoelectric detectors that can sense if someone is attempting to come in or out of the door when it is in motion.”

Can work even when there is no power

Sometimes power can go off of maybe because of strong wind or heavy down pour. Unlike older garage door that cannot function if there is no power, modern garage doors have inbuilt mechanism that enable them to operate perfectly well even when there is no power. You won’t even realize that there is no power because you will operate your garage door normally just the way you would have operated it when there is power.

Time and maintenance

Modern garage doors are very durable and requires low maintenance. Unlike old garage doors which can easily break down in case a strong wind strikes, modern garage doors can withstand even the strongest wind. Once you replace your old garage door with a new one, the only maintenance that you will be doing is using water and soap to clean it occasionally.

In conclusion, replacing your old garage door with a new one can be a wise move as discussed above. However, if you want your new garage door to function well, ensure that you hire the services of a professional to install if for you.

Leading Home Construction And Remodelling Trends Of 2015

home renovation trends 2015

The whole point of constructing a custom home or undertaking a major renovation is to create an entirely personal space, so you should not be copying anyone’s idea. However, it is always fun to go through some of the most recent trends in home remodelling, which can also help you find your inspiration. Unlike other capricious fashions such as clothing and music, home reconstruction styles tend to shift at a very slow pace. The use of metals, a contemporary comeback, a change to transitional design and a strong desire of a healthy home have in recent times popularized the following renovation trends:

End of the kitchen segregation

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. In the past decades, it was typical to keep the kitchen separate from the living space, perhaps to restrain heat, smells or just to hide all the hard work it takes to put meals on the table. Today, cooking is often viewed more of a fun hobby than a duty, and walls between the kitchen and the living area are coming down literary. Open kitchens are now among the leading remodelling trends because they allow for a natural flow from one region to another, and give the illusion of a much more spacious floor even in small homes. They are also less expensive. The kitchen itself is also changing its layout to less cabinets, more ventilation and unique countertops such as engineered stone. Granite used to be premium material but now it is everywhere so many people are trying to avoid it during renovations.

Compact, translucent home offices

We are now at the peak of the freelancing age, where professionals only need a computer and an internet connection to function. This means, more and more people are working from home, skipping the daily traffic grind and the costly commutes. Consequently, homeowners are paying more attention to how their home offices look. Many people who cannot dedicate an entire room to work are now finding alternative places in their homes such as dead cupboard areas and converting them to neat, compact working spaces with Lucite or translucent desks. This design appears fresh and buoyant, not upsetting the general ambience of the room. It is an amazing style for those committed to mess free minimalism, since the desk is really noticeable only when you are using it.

Green, healthy, smart homes

According to Houzz.com (the foremost platform for home design and remodelling) more than 50 percent of homeowners now renovate their homes to prevent potential health issues. Think of better air filtration systems, no-formaldehyde cabinets, non-offgassing finishes or even touchless toilets that let you flush by simply placing your hand over the toilet, without touching anything. As people become more and more conscious of environmental concerns, they are moving toward wellness homes or healthy homes, preferring surfaces that easier on the body. Some who can afford it have even gone out of their way such as installing geothermal pumps or solar panels to ensure their homes remain green.

The new media room

Today, every single room of a modern home likely has a flat screen TV hanging on the wall, so unless you insist on a theater setting for viewing your favorite movies, the media room might be underutilized. However, smart homeowners are now turning this isolated space into an adult game room or kids’ playroom. The huge screen obviously still remains, but there is no longer need for the theatre seating. People want a room that is easily accessible so if you are going to have a media room, ensure it is on the ground floor. Construction experts say that media rooms that are on the second or third floor rarely get used.

Bright, warm, cozy basements

Normally, basements are dark, poorly lit spaces made of cold, unpleasant concrete slab. Thankfully, most homeowners have now realized that concrete accepts most regular flooring options such as carpet, laminate, tile, vinyl and paint. To add warmth and make it a comfortable place to be in, waterproof carpeting is an ideal choice. Many people are also opting for recessed lighting to brighten the space to open it up for practical functions such as gaming room or drinking den. Basements are no longer those unfinished dark places where all the junk you do not need goes.